Dong Thai is a trusted distribution partner for leading beauty and health brands. We have a history of developing successful, long-term reseller partnerships across the region and beyond. As our partner, you enjoy the benefits of having access to market insights and resources you need to market and sell your products.

Dong Thai is a full service model, perceived to bring better long-term execution via risk sharing / clear alignment with clients’ interests. We offer our partners professional, single-stop shopping (one contract, one delivery point, on invoice, one contact across multiple countries) across multiple countries.  These services include:

  • Marketing and Sales support
  • Regulatory, medical affairs & safety surveillance
  • Simplified, regional pre-wholesaling, logistics, billing & collections
  • Financial Intermediation
  • Reimbursement, market access & creation of funding
  • Pre-wholesaling & Logistics.  National distribution only in Vietnam.